Enjoy your life with cats even more.

Nekojiman is a community site connected by cat pictures.

Nekojiman is a community site where you can view and submit pictures of cats.
Interact everyday with numerous other cat picture contributors, rate pictures with “Meow”, leave a “Comment”, and make “Cat friends”.
First cat punch, stomach full of milk, playing with their own tail...
When spending time with your precious kitty, the smiles, soothing moments, and surprises never end.
You can have even more fun by sharing those touching moments with others.
Registration and use of Nekojiman is free.

Submit a picture


Your pet cat’s cute behavior, the tough looking expressions of a stray cat…
there are so many things you can see when you live amongst cats.
When you capture something you think is cute or interesting, submit it to Nekojiman.
Don't forget to write a love-filled title and introductory text.

  • Submit a picture.

    If you're looking to share your cat pictures one at a time, it is recommended that you use “Submit a picture”. Be a cat photographer!

  • Create a cat star.

    If you'd like to enter your kitty as a cat star, select “Create a cat star”. Make your cat a world famous star

  • Create an album.

    “Create an album” is very useful if you want to show off your cat with a collection of pictures. You can use things like 4 panel styles or journal entries, depending on your liking.

Rate a picture.


Once you've submitted your cat photo, other people can rate it.
If you find a cat picture you like, press “Meow!”, and leave a comment.
You can view comments from others on the “My Page” screen.

  • Click「Meow!」button.

    Please let contributors know you liked their cat picture by pressing the “Meow” button for pictures you liked.

  • Writing comments.

    Express your feelings about a cat picture in the comments. The contributor will receive a notice on their “My Page” when they receive a comment.

  • Save your favorite pictures.

    Click “Favorite” to save cat pictures that you'd like to see again. In the “My Page” area you can check your favorite cat pictures anytime.

Make cat friends.


Use cat friend to widen your circle of friends.
Send a cat friend request to a user that interests you.
When you become cat friends, you can exchange “Meow Mail”, and receive information about contributions made by your friends.

  • First, apply to be a cat friend.

    You can send the cat friend request from the user's profile page. Don’t forget to add a short message.

  • Sending Meow Mail.

    Once somebody has approved your cat friend request, you can start exchanging Meow Mail. Start with a greeting.

  • Get the newest information on your cat friends.

    You can check new information for your cat friends, like picture submissions and album updates, on your “My Page”.

Connect with people who have cats, and even people who don't have cats with Nekojiman.

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